Vítejte na stránkách Račího údolí

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We offer


for families with children, tourists, bikers, mountain lovers. Romantics: dating or weekend stays with zumba or yoga

Many events, courses and seminars are held in Raci udoli annually. For example courses of aromatherapy, vitrage or wood carving, Reiki seminar and mental concentration. An

art and creation workshop called Symposium umění a tvoření is the biggest event every year. Various artists present their work during the whole week there and the symposium ends with vernissage, handcrafts and other cultural programme for both children and adults. Concerts are also held here.

The outdoor patio at Račí potok (crayfish stream) is a part of our facility. You can sit down there and have a Czech beer or try delicious local cuisine. If the weather outside is not suitable, you can relax and warm up at the fire place in Club Isolda. We offer different kinds of massages, pedicure, and manicure to our guests.

Weddings – By your wish, you will experience the most beautiful wedding day in Račí údolí . We provide the wedding ceremony, wedding reception, accommodation, floral decoration, programme, and photographer etc.

Business and social gatherings – We are able to hold any social or business event by your request, such as:

  • birthday parties, anniversaries
  • school reunion
  • business parties
  • Christmas parties
  • family reunions
  • children parties
  • balls

We provide our guests with a wide variety of catering; including a snack bar, buffets, hot meals, barbeque, roasting or smoking. Wines from Velké Bílovice are available. Music, decoration and a place of happening (hall, bar, party pavilion) is guaranteed too. We will be more than happy to prepare activities for children, competitions or fireworks. Companies can use outdoor and teambuilding programmes. We will try to accommodate all of your requests.

Children summer camps:

We have been hosting children summer camps for several years. It has been our main activity and it has a tradition. Hundreds of children arrive every summer during 5 sessions, each consisting of 10 days. We are now also organizing camps for parents with children.

For schools:

We hold assorted school events. For example; education programmes, trips, sports courses, concentration trainings, and adaptation courses. Full day or half-day programs are supervised by professionals.

We would like to welcome you to a clean and beautiful Račí údolí.

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